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All about Lyn's new book, Okay God Let's Talk.
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Lyn Levine

We all need someone to love us unconditionally!

God has become the dominant power source in my life… and it’s personal… it’s MY God. One whose love has me feeling safe and empowered. People who know me see me as ageless, healthy and happy… talking to my God helped me to choose this.

In my book; Okay God Let’s Talk, the “Lyn” that speaks to God is sometimes me, and sometimes representative of others, or perhaps what an average person would say.  I wanted to share the secrets one of us discovered during a lifetime of searching for how to feel good in the game of life.

Partnering with an unconditional source of love creates a space for empowering life, so with this book I invite you to create your own loving, trusting, supportive & empowering source. Having this book at your fingertips will put at your disposal the same opportunity of finding your loving source and having your life be one of happiness and well-being.

Please meander through our website to learn more about me and discover what this book could do for you, or a loved one.


Dr. Lyn Levine Interview with Kien Vuu


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